Route 78 West 2/26/2006 back
Show #259 Edge Of The Woods - Graham Lindsey


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Red Simpson, Sleeper, Five By Two-Sundazed, CD
02     Tex Ritter, That's The Good Lord Sayin' "Good Mornin' "-Cowgirlboy, LP
03     Lefty Frizzell, My Rough And Roudy Ways-Bear, CD
04     Bayless Rose, Black Dog Blues-Revenant, CD
05     Blue Sky Boys, On The Sunny Side Of Life-Copper Creek, CD
- break 10:17 am
06     Graham Lindsey, I won't Let You Down-live in studio
- break 10:28 am
07     Ben Weaver, 40 Watt Bulb-Fargo, CD
08     Arthur Godfrey, The Man With A Weird Beard-78
- break 10:36 am
09     Graham Lindsey, Death Trip Blues-live in studio
- break 10:48 am
10     Charlie Poole, If The River Was Whiskey-County Records, LP
11     Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, Tennessee Stud (rare)
- break 10:54 am
12     Graham Lindsey, Old Rodger-live in studio (1st time played in public)
13     Graham Lindsey, Hey Hey-Catamount, CD
14     Woody Guthrie, Prairie Dawn
- break 11:05 am
15     Graham Lindsey, No Way Out But Down-live in studio
- break 11:10 am
16     Bob Dylan, Song For Woody-Columbia, LP
- break 11:17 am
17     Graham Lindsey, Nobody's Gonna Miss Me-live in studio
- break 11:17 am
18     Neil Young, For The Turnstiles-Reprise, LP
19     Tom Rush, Been On The Job Too Long-Elektra, LP
20     Jordan Chassen, Cheater Cheater Cheater-Strong, CD
21     Cary Swinney, A Hero On A Square-Johnson Grass, CD
22     Bonanza Theme-TeeVee Toons, 33Lp
23     Hacienda Brothers, Sagurao-CD
24     Hayden, 1939-Badman, CD
- break 11:48 am
25     Graham Lindsey, I'm A Rumble-live in studio
- break 11:52 am
26     Steve Earle, The Devil's Right Hand-MCA, CD (1988)
27     Scud Mountain Boys, Pipe Bomb (rare)
28     Sparklehorse, Gasoline Horses (rare)
- break 11:58 am
29     People, Somebody Tell Me My Name-45 (1969)

Setup as usual. Fifteen minutes early in anticipation of Graham Lindsey's arrival. Over the past month Jeff had been broadcasting an open invitation for Graham to sit in on a show. Today was the day. It was gonna be good.

I walked around the corner and he was quietly waiting with two guitars, a banjo, an old black lunch box and a most delightful lady. By the time I informed Jeff and Ukulele Loki he was unpacking and tuning up.

Through the first set Jeff, Loki and Graham talked music. In a flash commonality clicked. A fade burst brown Gibson J-45 rested on his lap. A harmonica hung from his neck. Punk roots derived in rural hollers spliced to a self-reliant Guthrie-like persona unveiled sound on the modernistic edge of the woods.

I was mesmerized by the elaborate tempo changes and intonations in "Old Rodger." Rootsy but Magnificent.

Graham confided, "My lyrics come from decisive moments that others may not see."

I visualized Lindsey leaning back a straight legged wood chair as he sketched somber thoughts into depression era duo-tone strings. A comforting retrospective.

Graham Lindsey, originally from Wisconsin, is now residing in Colorado and preparing for a March tour through Montana with Wayne Hancock. See Graham this Tuesday, the 28th, at Benders Tavern. Get more info about Graham at Myspace.

Thanks to Graham Lindsey for a great in studio performance, interview and Ben Weaver reference.

Post-show marg induced conversation confirmed the day's success. See ya next week.