Route 78 West 11/18/2007 back
Show #345 SOS


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Kitty Wells And Webb Pierce, One Week Later-Bear Family, CD (1957)
02     Hank Thompson, Yesterday's Girl-Capitol, CD
03     Webb Pierce, I Heard Her Call My Name In Prayer-Acrobat, CD
04     Kitty Wells, Mansion On The Hill-Bear Family, CD
05     Hank Williams, I Been Down This Road Before-Mercury, CD
- break 10:15 am
06     Steve Earle, Tennesse Blues-New West, CD (new)
07     Levon Helm, Poor Old Dirt Farmer-Vanguard, CD
08     Woodbox Gang, 665-Rolling Machine Records, CD (thanks Ry)
- break 10:32 am
09     Alasdair Roberts, Call My Darling (rare)
10     Alasdair Roberts, Riddle Me This-Drag City, CD
11     Jason Isbell, Dress Blues-New West, CD
12     Eric Hisaw, Borrow-Saustex Media, CD
13     Islands, Volcanos-Equator Records, CD
- break 10:54 am
14     Levon Helm, The Mountain-Vanguard, CD (for Bob)
15     Steve Earle, Down Here Below-New West, CD (new)
16     Skip James, Hardtime Killing Floor Blues-Biograph, CD
- break 11:10 am
17     Tom Rush, The Cuckoo-Elektra, LP (1964 mono)
18     Alasdair Roberts, The Cruel Sea-Drag City, CD
19     Bob Dylan, 100 Miles (rare)
20     Cary Swinney, Good Old Sunday Morning-Johnson Grass Publishing, CD
- break 11:30 am
21     Bud Isaacs, By The Waters Of Minnetonka-Bear Family, CD
22     Adam Franklin, Cold War Kids-Mp3
- break 11:43 am
23     Adam Franklin, Theme From LSD-Mp3
24     Donovan, There Is a Mountain-Sony, CD
25     Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Doralee (rare)
26     Adam Franklin, Theme From LSD (playground version)-Mp3
- break 11:00 am
27     Adam Franklin, SOS (Abba version)-Mp3 (for Johnny Trash)
Notes: Pre-Thanksgiving randomizing. At a minimum prepare for the unexpected mixed with a dash of religious confusion. A plentiful harvest equals piles of tasty turkey and mashed potatoes. If things didn't pan out a few eggs and a can of spam will put a smile on. Myself, I most enjoy a roving day long venture visiting here and there feasting on surprises and washing it down with various cocktails and wines. This technique is know as grazing and fits the harvest theme to a tee.

Subliminal messages scrambled with expectations can cause great anxiety. It's critical to create somewhat of a loose plan so you don't end up at the kid's table spooning whipped squash to a 3 year old and wonder how it could go wrong so fast. That brings me to the beauty of this holiday, it's more freelance than any other so use common sense when making commitments. Don't worry, if you screw up Christmas is close at hand. You can square things up then with a nicely wrapped gift.

Take my advice. Prepare for anything and ease into Thanksgiving under your own terms. If the scene turns weird pretend you're asleep until you can slip out under the cover of darkness. Under no circumstance refuse to take home a bag of leftovers. It's a roundabout way of saying thank you while getting good food that you can't come close to making yourself.

One more thing. A sneaky snowstorm is never out of the question. So, always have a few cans of spam, a dozen eggs, quarts of nog and a full flask tucked away in your pantry. Ready is the word cause anything can happen. Substitute your own comfort food if necessary.

Calm down. Relax. Clear out the spider webs. 37 more days till Christmas. It's the one day Uncle Jeff's beard goes unnoticed.

Our favorite order out for Thanksgiving is Mustard's Last Stand. Cheeseburger and large fries please!

As promised a link to music biz comments here.